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Narthana Kalalayam was established in 1985 by Sangeetha Vidwan Smt. Pathmini Gunaseelan . Since it's inception the school has guided hundreds of aspiring dancers and produced 43 arangetram students. 

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I am proud to say I was amongst the first students of our beloved guru Smt Pathmini Gunaseelan, joining her classes in 1988 and continuing for over 10 years under her expert tutelage.  I was her 5th Arangetram in 1994.  Learning from this talented guru has given me so much in life.  It was not just the basic steps, and postures that was passed down during those classes, it was discipline, flexibility, motivation, religious and cultural education and of course expression.  Even now I miss those times when I regularly attended her classes where she shaped the youngsters for their future goals in life both in dance and the outer world.  She was more like a second mother to all of us. I truly believe that Bharathanatyam and her guidance helped me become the doctor and general practitioner I am today.  I believe my empathy, my communication and dedication have all stemmed from this training.  I am also truly proud and blessed that my own two daughters have been able to continue under Smt Pathmini Gunaseelan and her talented daughter Smt Saranka Gunaseelan and thus ensure this vital part of our culture and heritage continues to the next generation.   I am proud to say I am her student and I am very fortunate to be able to do so.  

Dr Suboshini Kugaprasad

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