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Literature. Music. Drama.

About Narthana Kalalayam 

About us 

Narthana Kalalayam provides weekly  Bharthanatyam, vocal and violin classes in both Walthamstow and East Ham.

Exams affiliated with the Academy of Fine Arts ( London) are held annually with grades ranging from beginners to the teacher's diploma.

Pupils are fortunate to receive workshops from renowned Bharatanatyam performers/teachers to expand skills and knowledge.

Pupils are given opportunities to perform at a variety of events varying from local temples to parliament and even internationally. 

Narthana Kalalayam is known for its infamous dance drama production that has received high praise and recognition.

Over the years the school has staged over 43 arangetrams and produced students who have gone on to become teachers in their own rights. 


Meet the Teachers 

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